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Menu ideas based on an ingredient

We could create you a menu by starting from a favourite main ingredient. Here’s a few suggestions for the most popular.

If you fancy…

Beef…you could have… fillet steak en croute, or Korean beef salad, or carpaccio, or beef and ale pie.

Pork …you could have…barbecued spare ribs, or apricot stuffed fillet wrapped in proscuitto, or satay and peanut sauce, or glazed pork belly.

Lamb…you could have…herbed rack of lamb, or medallions in pomegranate sauce, or chops stuffed with feta and pinenuts, or moussaka.

Chicken …you could have… lemon and thyme scented poussins, or chili-glazed breast, or chicken maryland, or poached chicken with wild mushrooms.

Duck …you could have…confit with cherry salsa, or slow roast with spiced pears, or braised in red wine, or pan fried with gooseberry sauce.

Game … you could have…rabbit braised with herby noodles, or guinea fowl with a sweet spicy glaze, or braised partridge with honeyed figs, or venison and pickled walnut stew.

Salmon …you could have… spiced seared salmon, or salmon and spinach korma, or salmon poached with herbed hollandaise sauce, or hot-smoked salmon with pasta.

Tuna … you could have… malaysian spiced, roast tuna, or tuna kebabs, or lemon and thyme seared tuna with roast tomatoes.

Lobster … you could have…lobster salad with courgettes and roast tomatoes, lobster thermidor with gruyere, or noodles with lobster sauce.

Other fish dishes… you could have… zarzuela ( a spanish fish and shellfish stew), or chowder with smoked halibut and corn, or cheesy fish and prawn pie, or bouillabaisse, or roast monkfish wrapped in proscuitto.