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Business lunches, food to make work more fun

At the Dinner Service we believe food is an important part of people's lives and that applies to the work environment as well as home. And if you are trying to impress a potential customer or client then food can be a subtle yet influential part of their whole experience of your company.

The Dinner Service can provide anything from good quality, freshly made sandwiches to much more elaborate and interesting buffet food. If you need canapés or similar nibbles then we can supply a selection for over a hundred possible tasty mouthfuls. The menu suggestions above list some of the things we offer and sample prices, but, really, our approach is like it is in any other situation - we will meet your specific needs rather than expect you to choose one of our menus.

So if you want to reward your workforce, particularly at Christmas, or impress that potential client ring Paul on 01709 829286. It makes good business sense.