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Canapés and other Finger Food

You can order as many different canapés as you like. prices start at £5.00 pp for your choice of five different canapés from the selection below. Any additional choices are either 50p or £1.00 each depending on the main ingredient. Please ask for a quotation.


Butternut squash and pancetta
Flaked salmon and red pepper
Ham and apple
Red pepper and boursin
Redcurrant-glazed duck

Carpaccio and horseradish cream
Smoked Salmon and watercress mayonnaise

Filo nests
With bang bang chicken
With smoked salmon and creme fraiche
With smoked chicken and parsley pesto
With asian beef salad

Herbed pancakes
Dill and salmon caviar with creme fraiche
Chive with creme fraiche and sweet onion confit
Parsley with creme fraiche and smoked trout

Parmesan shortbreads
Pesto and goat's cheese
Cherry tomato and feta

Sweet Onion and feta
Spicy Prawn
Tomato and basil
Cannellini and sage
Cannellini and prosciutto

Asparagus and lemon hollandaise
Beef with Salsa verde

Roast red pepper and goat's cheese
Smoked ham with tarragon and mustard cream
Ricotta with sage

Prosciutto and brie with fig confit
Spiced tomato and feta
Pear and blue cheese

Scones: savoury
Dill with smoked trout and horseradish cream
Sweet potato with herbs
Rosemary with chillied goat's cheese
Indian with onion chutney

Mini muffins: savoury
Turkey and cranberry sauce
Smoked ham and peach relish

Things on sticks
Thai prawn skewers
Cocconut prawns and mango dip
Tandoori prawn sticks
Mangetout wrapped prawns and lemon mayonnaise
Salmon teriyaki skewers
Prosciutto and fig skewers
Prosciutto and melon skewers
Marinated feta and olive skewers

Frittata squares
With ham and potato
With smoked haddock and corn

(to be served with seasonal crudités)
Roast red pepper and walnut
Roasted carrot and yoghurt
Artichoke and parmesan
Herbed fresh cheese
Roasted red pepper and butterbean

Spiced quail's eggs with radishes