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Sweet Nibbles

You can order as many different sweet canapés as you like. Prices start at 5.00 pp for your choice of five different canapés from the selection below. Any additional choices are either 50p or 1.00 each depending on the main ingredient. Please ask for a quotation.

Scones: sweet
Honey with strawberry jam and cream
Cherry with cream

Mini galettes
Mango with pistachio
Glazed apple
Pear and redcurrant

Mini meringues
Mini pavlova with raspberries
Strawberry and pistachio
Kiwi and passionfruit
Mini raspberry ripple kisses
Mini basil swirl kisses
Mini lemon cream kisses

Mini chocolate truffle cakes

Medjool dates
Stuffed with marzipan and pistachios
Stuffed with marzipan and chocolate dipped
Stuffed with cream cheese and orange zest

Served with parmesan

Fresh fruit platters
Summer berries
Tropical extravaganza
Chillied tropical fruits and cardamon cream dip