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What do our clients say about us?

In short lots of very complimentary things. Here are a few representative extracts from the letters and phonecalls of appreciation we have had.

Bev. C. from Sheffield: “...This is going to be our Christmas present to... so we were wondering if you could cook a meal for...?” (later) “just wanted to say a big thankyou ... it was a truly fabulous night and everyone around the table thought your food was lovely!”

Claire K. from Bramley:  “…really interesting and tasty food. I won’t hesitate to use The Dinner Service again…. Doing a kids’ birthday party is stressful enough, so to have you provide the food for the adults was a life-saver. Maybe the idea will catch on!”

Michelle and Steve T. from Rotherham:  “Your food made the party a brilliant success. The choice you offered us was amazing and everything that you promised you delivered – a marvellous service from beginning to end…. Nothing was just ordinary, run-of-the-mill food. It was all different and delicious. Thanks, Paul. We’ll be booking you for another barbecue next year.”

Gill P. from Sheffield:  “To have all the stress and work, even for something as small as this lunch, taken off my shoulders was marvellous. But on top of that to be served such tasty and imaginative food made my day.”