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One way of arriving at a menu would be to start with either what the occasion is to be or what you would like as the central ingredient of the main course. That would give us a starting point from which to discuss possibilities. 

Once you’re happy with the menu I’ll work out a proper costing. Then I can either arrive on the day of your dinner-party and cook the meal at home for you, or I will supply the dishes prepared for you to cook or if it’s a bigger occasion I can do all the catering and arrive on the day with everything prepared.

Booking well ahead is desirable but if possible I will accept orders as late as within 24 hours of your special date. Ring Paul on 01709 829286 or 07957 454 103.

All you need to know is when, where and for how many. The rest we can discuss. Prices are determined entirely by your choice of dishes. But to give you some idea the cost for a dinner party will be comparable to what you would pay in a decent restaurant.